EFL Certification and Paid ESL teaching job in South Korea

Online TEFL with Teaching Practice and observed teaching

Certificate in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
120 hours TESOL Course

ACT offers 120 hours TESOL course which focuses on successful ESL instruction mirroring latest methodologies and provides a unique opportunity to teach English in Korea with a starting salary of 1500 USD. The course is designed to make language learning more engaging and relevant to the learners employing methods which are useful in the classroom. A Korean cultural training is a part of the course which is imparted so that the EFL/ESL teachers are at ease while teaching in Korea. |Read More|

Certificate in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
140 hours TESOL Course

ACT offers 140 hours TESOL course which develops the knowledge and skills of the future EFL/ESL teachers and incorporates techniques that work in foreign classrooms. The compact course comes with a 20 hours Teaching Practice session which is highly beneficial and Korean cultural training is also imparted to the trainees so that they can easily slip into their teaching roles in Korean schools as they are also offered a teaching stint in Korea with a starting salary of 1500 USD. |Read More|

Certificate in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
170 hours TESOL Course

ACT offers 170 hours TESOL course, an advanced course with a detailed guideline on EFL/ESL teaching approaches and methods which improve the efficiency of language learning. The course comprises of 50 hours of high quality Teaching Practice session which provides best learning experience for aspiring TEFlers and Korean cultural training which helps to learn important techniques and latest approaches about getting oriented in foreign classroom when you start your teaching stint in Korea with a starting salary of 1500 USD. |Read More|


Teachers Training for Next Generation Kids.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is the leading institution in Asia dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques but will show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the globe.

  • Certificate accredited by TESOL Canada

  • Online / In-class courses

  • Teaching job assistance in South Korea

  • 10,000 students completed the course

  • Easy instalment fee structure

  • Award winning educational organization

  • Curriculum endorsed by leading institutions

  • Faculty support throughout the program

  • Complete the course as per convenience

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Special Offer

Join our International 120 hours In-Class TEFL Course in Bangkok @ 899USD The 3 weeks program is followed by a Teaching Job and this offer is applicable for our October and November batches in Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: UK Toll Free: 0-808-189-1203 | USA: (310) 359-6879
Email at: admin@asiancollegeofteachers.com | actteacherstrainingcourses@gmail.com

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Course Fee
  • Course fee ranging from 200 USD – 1000 USD
  • Varied online payment modes
  • Easy instalment options
  • Scholarship for meritorious candidates
  • Download Brochure here

  • ACT TEFL certificate is globally recognized
  • ACT certificates provide competitive advantage
  • "Online" is not mentioned in the certificates
  • ACT certificates proffer better teaching opportunities

  • ACT TEFL courses are accredited by TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • College of Birmingham validates the courses
  • Courses are certified by London School of Teaching and Training
  • Courses are also endorsed by Pebble Hills University

Placement & Jobs
  • ACT provides 100% placement support
  • Latest information regarding job vacancies
  • Vacancies posted on Facebook page ACT Konnect
  • Placement opportunity through partner portals and alumni base

Support Services
  • Complete guidance from the accomplished tutors
  • raining imparted on latest teaching techniques
  • Total back-end support catering to academic needs
  • Easy access to academic and support teams via mail, chat

Assessment & Evaluation
  • Experienced tutors patiently address individual requirements
  • They assess based on the trainee's individual needs
  • Tutors take maximum 7 to 10 days to evaluate assignments
  • Evaluation done on the basis of varied parameters

Job Opportunities
  • A rewarding career in teaching and training across the globe
  • Trainees can work in varied fields as teachers/Trainers
  • Openings galore in Asia Pacific, Gulf countries, Europe & America
  • Trainees can apply for curriculum developer, course coordinator, teacher trainer

Contact us with all your admission queries at UK office: Toll Free: 0-808-189-1203 or at USA office (310) 359-6879 or Thailand Office: +66-21055721 or
write to us at: admission@asiancollegeofteachers.com

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